Sea Eagle FastTrack Kayak Options

Sea Eagle is a very popular inflatable boat and inflatable kayak manufacturer. They have been in business for over 30 years and have a reputation for producing excellent quality and fun to paddle inflatable kayaks.

One of their newest models they offer is the Sea Eagle FastTrack. This kayak is ideal for many different reasons and comes with a couple of different options to choose from.

Advantages of the SE FastTrack

Unlike many other models the Fast Track offers stability as well as speed and great tracking. It is built to last and when inflated becomes very rigid and hard.

Its unique design allows any kayaker to be able to paddle very fast and the extra large skeg and super hard floor provides for great tracking through the water.

This particular kayak is ideal for open water paddling such as on lakes or on the ocean, although it is also able to handle some mild whitewater.

Besides the great performance I think one of the best features of this particular model is the fact that it remains fairly light weight while still being able to handle a huge load. For this reason it is ideal for traveling and to bring along anywhere you need to go. You can load it up for a single day trip or for a week long expedition. It is very versatile and functional.

2 Options to Choose From…

With this model there are two separate models to choose from… the 385FT and the 465FT.

The 385 is a tandem model that is ideal for two people or for one person with a lot of gear. The 465 comfortable sits three people and is perfect for families who want the ability to be able to all paddle together in the same kayak. Below are the specs for each of these models:

  • SE 385 FT – Length 12′ 6″, Width 36″, Weight 35 lbs., Load Capacity 635 lbs.
  • SE 465 FT – Length 14’9″, Width 36″, Weight 44 lbs.. Load Capacity 796 lbs.

With both of these models the seats are able to be rearranged to suit your needs as well as removed if you wish to paddle solo or create more space for your gear and accessories. Both come with a great three year warranty and include the kayak, the paddles, a foot pump, your choice of seats, repair kit, self-bailing drain valves, large removable skeg, front and rear spray skirts, D-rings, bow and stern grab lines, nylon carry bag, and instructions.

There are cheaper models to choose from, but these two are well worth every penny that they cost and will suit any person of any age. With a little care these inflatable kayaks will last an extremely long time and provide many hours of outdoor paddling fun!