RYA Sailing Courses From CompCrew to Yachtmaster

If you have a love for adventure and a matching passion for the open sea, a Royal Yachting Association certified training center can make your dreams of sailing a reality. Whether you’re already qualified as a day skipper or still a raw landlubber who’s never smelled salt air, the RYA offers sailing courses that will give you the confidence and leadership skills you need on the big blue sea. RYA courses prepare sailors and would-be sailors to safely and expertly operate under power and sail.

The theory and practical training provided by RYA sailing courses represent the gold standard of excellence. Everything you need to be a competent crew member, day skipper, coastal skipper or yachtmaster is presented by qualified, friendly instructors in a relaxed atmosphere. RYA courses are available for every level of experience. Online learning is provided for those who need fundamental information before climbing aboard a vessel.

RYA sailing courses are presented in such a manner that the training is very enjoyable. But while you’re having fun learning you will also be getting expert guidance from patient instructors who have lots of knowledge and experience in sailing courses. RYA courses are only conducted by trainers who have demonstrated both technical knowledge and practical skills in sailing. As with all types of training, you must attain certain minimum levels of experience prior to advancing to more advanced levels. As an example, a day skipper certification course requires at least 100 sea miles while coaster skipper mandates 800 previous sea miles before entering the course.

Find a certified RYA training center today and take the first step to making your dreams a reality.