Kettler Coach LS Rowing Machine Review

The Kettler Coach LS rowing machine is a German crafted and engineered magnetic rower. It is known for providing a smooth quiet exercise experience and offering a realistic simulation of rowing a boat over the water. It addition to being able to row, this Kettler machine also provides the user with the ability to perform 16 other exercises.

A full body workout is provided through the use of the center pull oar and magnetic brakes. Rowing works out your legs and lower body in addition to your arms, shoulders and chest. The exerciser can monitor his or her heart rate by wearing the wireless transmitter that comes with the rowing machine. An LCD readout displays the rower’s time, rowing speed, number of oar strokes, energy consumption, pulse and distance rowed. At the end of the workout, average speed and recovery pulse is calculated to determine a fitness level, measured on a scale from one to six.

Most Kettler Coach users report being very satisfied with the rowing machine, stating that it provides a smooth and quiet rowing experience, is a well-built rower, and is easy to use. Many exercisers also enjoy the fact that they can perform the additional sixteen exercises besides rowing.

A few drawbacks to the rowing machine that some have noted is that you cannot save your settings, a few people have found that the heart monitor is not very comfortable, and some have found the machine to be somewhat bulky.

The overall ratings of the Kettler Coach LS have been very favorable. The magnetic resistance makes for a quiet and smooth rowing, and the German craftsmanship and engineering makes for a solid, well-built machine.