Dory Boat Plans – Building Small Wooden Boats

Dories are small boats with flat bottoms and are made of wood, although later versions also make use of aluminum and fiberglass. These small wooden boats are powered with oars and by simply rowing them in the water. These can be great boats for fishing or for just having fun in the waters. With its size and simple design, you can even build your own dory by getting dory boat plans that you can choose from.

Even if you do not have an experience in building boats, even small ones, building your own dory is easy to manage, as these small wooden boats do not have complex designs and construction is straightforward. If you intend to build your own dory, here are a few things that you have to be prepared for.

Choosing the right project for your first boat building experience is important. Especially if it is your first time in building a dory, it is wise to start with simple designs and start with a size that you can manage. Even if you have the dory boat plans with you, smaller and simple designs will not be hard to decipher in case you come across some bottlenecks with your construction.

Building small wooden boats also require flexibility, organization and patience. Even if you choose a small project to start with, sometimes things will not go the way you want it to be, but it helps to be organized from the start, be flexible when you find things not working your way and be patient to see the good results of your boat building.

For your first boat building project, even how simple is the design you chose, it is important to have your dory boat plans ready. There may be boat kits available commercially but getting yourself dory boat plans will satisfy that woodworker in you, and of course, you get to save lots of cash from expensive boat kits.

You can start building your small wooden boat with plywood but you can also opt for other sturdier wood such as oaks, spruce or birch. The modern dories have also evolved into those made of aluminum and fiberglass, so you can also choose to work with those materials but make sure you also know your way on how to build small boats with these materials.

Although dories are powered by rowing, with the use of oars, modern designs are also modified to accommodate an engine. If you do enjoy a fast boat or dory boat with engines on it, you can also build one which is engine-powered.

Of course, building your own dory does not only allow you to add extras that suit your preferences for a small boat, it also allows you to take pride to eventually have something that you have made yourself.

To find good dory boat plans, check out great resources online where you can find plans on how to build dories of any types. Keep in mind always to choose a design and a boat plan that fits your purpose.