Doral TRX – Customize This Outboard For Maximum Performance on the Water

The Doral TRX is an outboard boat. An outboard boat uses an outboard motor which is mounted on the transom of the boat. It’s a complete unit containing the engine block, linkage gears, and the propeller.

It’s usually designed to be both for propulsion and as a rudder. The Doral TRX uses this kind of engine. These engines are easy to dismount for storage or repair. This Doral boat is an outboard boat 15.67 foot long overall with a weight of 1125 lbs when dry. This does not include passengers, fuel, other gear, and aftermarket boating accessories.

As with most Doral boats, the engine is customizable. It is always a must that if you choose to buy a replacement engine for your boat, verify the maximum horsepower capable for the boat. This is because of safety reasons and it would affect the accountability to the insurance company of your boat.

Be sure to have the manual for your engine handy, not only for your safety, but to save you money on repair costs. The max rated horsepower of this boat, as listed by the manufacturer, is 140 hp. If you do not have the manual for your engine then we highly recommend that you get one as repowering is costly and it takes you off of the water.

The boat has a seating capacity of 8 persons so it’s spacious and perfect for small group water activities or simply swimming and fishing. When not in use, it’s always recommended not to expose the boat and keep it dry. Keeping it covered and winterization for this kind of craft will keep its quality and maintain resale value.

The TRX is among the most basic and classic of boats from Doral International and is a great choice for getting a taste of what Doral boats are all about.