Doral Boats – Doral 180 – Blast From the Past

At 17.67 feet long, Doral 180 makes a perfect runabout boat that can hold four to eight people. This model was released in 1985 together with other flagship Doral boat models.

It suits families or group of friends planning to do water skiing activities because of its built-in compartment for skis. At its widest, the beam of the boat measures 88 inches and together with the length, the boat gives you a spacious interior.

Its 1615 pound weight also supports a maximum of 150 hp engine. It becomes 2300 lb when engine, water and fuel are installed. This makes the Doral 180 suitable for moving around the water with supreme maneuverability. It supports a 25 gallon fuel tank, good for long trips or whole day activities under the sun on the water.

The interior has two captain’s chairs plus a large back seat to support a big family or group of friends. The boat also offers a choice of four or six cylinder engines and promises great performance. The sundeck also converts into front storage and as additional seat.

This craft also features a total convertible roof if owners wish to use the vessel for pure transportation with protection from direct heat of the sun or unexpected rain while on the sea. Like all Doral boats, this one really embodies Doral’s commitment to customization.

This Doral boat uses an outboard engine. An outboard motor is suitable for runabout boats because aside from providing superior power, outboards provide steering control and compared to inboard motors, outboard motors can be easily removed for storage or repairs.

The Doral 180 comes with a custom boat complete with all curtains as well as a cockpit cover

The commitment to produce a boat built by only the highest standards has never been forgotten by Doral boats. Employees on the floor were true craftsmen concerned with everything from concept and design to the fit and finish.

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